Quantcast Care and Use of Driving Tools

quality or high­grade hammers have hickory handles and are made from
well­seasoned, straight­grained stock. Other hammers of good quality
have steel handles with shock­absorbing rubber grips.
Figure 2-31.
Claw hammers
(2) Mallets. Mallets are, in reality, wooden hammers.
Although not considered a driving tool, they are used the same way as
hammers. You will use mallets primarily for driving chisels and
wedges. Depending on their use, mallets can vary in size from a few
ounces to a few pounds. Many woodworkers make their own mallets to
suit their personal touch. Figure 2­32 shows three types of mallets.
Figure 2-32.
b. Care and Use of Driving Tools.
(1) Driving Nails. When you use driving nails with a claw
hammer, guide the nail with one hand and grasp the hammer with the
other down near the end of the handle. Avoid holding the hammer near
the neck. Use a wrist motion, tapping the nail lightly to start it,
then use a few sharp blows to finish driving the nail. After the
nail has been driven, it can be set below the surface with a nail
set. This prevents hammer marks or cat paws from marring the surface
of the wood. Nail sets are made in several sizes. Figure 2­33 shows
one type of nail set.


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