Quantcast Engineer Reference and Training Manuals


Engineer Intelegence, Frame Structures, Utilities II, Carpentry III, Painting I, Surveying I, Install System, Designs Forms, Estimate Materials, Geologic Analysis, Soils Engineering, Quarry Operations, Drainage Engineering, Basic Statistics, Wave Propagation

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Army Engineer

EN0054-Engineer Intelegence & Reconnaissance

en0069a-Frame Structures

en01136-Construction Print Reading

EN0389-Utilities II

EN0533-Carpentry III

en05337-Carpentry III

en0562a-Painting I

en0591c-Surveying I

en0593a-Surveying III Topographic and Geotric Surveys

EN5144B-Install System,Equipment and Component Grounds

EN5151-Designs Forms For a Concrete Wall

En5154a-Estimate Materials for A Wall Form

EN5155-Carpentry I

EN5156-Carpentry II

en5157a-US Army Engineer Center and School Masonry

en5261a-Establish and Maintain A Technical Reference Library

EN5264-Engineer Construction Equipment Test, Measuring , and Diagnostic Equipment

en52667-Engineer Construction Equipment Maintenance Concepts and Operations

En5341a-Geologic Analysis

EN54537-Soils Engineering

en54586-Flexible Pavement Structures

EN54596-Bituminous Pavements

en5463b-Quarry Operations

En5464b-Quarry Operations II

EN5465A-Drainage Engineering

EN5466A-US Army Engineer Center and School

EN5483B-US Army Engineer Center and School Direct the Employment of Engineers

EN5621-Conduct Reconnaissance Part I

en5622-Conduct Reconnaissance Part II

en5700-Junior Enlisted Environmental Awareness Training

en5702-Small Unit Leaders Environmental Awareness Training



FI0921-Basic Statistics

he01085-Human Factors Engineering

TC-9-62-Solid State Devices and Solid State Power Supplies and Amplifiers

TC-9-64-Wave Propagation, Transmission Lines, and Antennas

TM-5-688-Foreign Voltages and Frequencies Guide

TM-5-811-1-Electrical Power Supply and Distribution

TM-5-811-3-Electrical Design Lighting and Static Electricity Protection



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