Quantcast Driving Tools

Figure 2-29.
Hand axe
b. Axe. This is similar to the hand axe but larger, with a long
handle. As you can see in Figure 2­30, it is intended for heavy
cutting and should be used with both hands. It is sharpened in the
same manner as the hatchet.
Figure 2-30.
2-6. Driving Tools.
a. Types of Driving Tools. Driving tools include such tools as
claw hammers, tack hammers, and mallets, which are designed for
specific uses; however, the one most frequently used is the claw
(1) Claw Hammer. The best claw hammers are made from the best
steel, which is carefully forged, hardened, and tempered. Hammers
differ in the shape of the claw­curved or straight­and in the shape
of the face­flat or rounded. The style of the neck, the weight, and
the general finish of claw hammers differ according to the intended
use. Figure 2­31, page 2­16, shows straight and curved claw hammers.
The average weight of claw hammers is 5 to 20 ounces. Good­


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