Quantcast Estimating the Quantity of Nails Required

Example: Under the 8­inch mark on the guideline, moving left from 14,
the numbers 9 and 4 appear (9 and 4 should be on the same line as
14). The number to the left of the vertical line represents feet;
the number to the right represents inches.
3.  The total number is 37 1/3 BF. BF will never appear in a decimal
Example solution: 1" x 4" x 8' x 14' Feet Inches
1 4/12
36 + 1 1/3 = 37 1/3 BF
NOTE: 1" x 4" = Always multiply the number of pieces by the thickness
and multiply the feet and inches by the sum of pieces and thickness.
1-6. Estimating the Quantity of Nails Required. The sizes and pounds
of nails needed should be added to the list. To estimate number of
pounds, use the following formulas:
For flooring, sheathing, and other 1­inch material:
For framing materials that are 2 inches or more:
d = penny
1-7. BOMs. Information for the BOM is taken from the materials
estimate list. Department of the Army (DA) Form 2702 (Figure 2­23)
is used to requisition these materials. When preparing a BOM, follow
the building sequence. For example, on most frame buildings, the
first pieces of lumber used would be the footers; next would be floor
joists, girders, subflooring, sole plates, and studs.


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