Reporting damage accurately and in a timely manner.
Removing HM and HW in a timely and appropriate manner.
h. Evaluation. The evaluation process is continuous and integral to training management. The AAR
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process includes environmental performance and should address all environmental considerations listed
in the training evaluation plan. The evaluation and AAR should cover the following:
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Ensuring environmental accountability.
Ensuring HM and HW accountability.
Including environmental issues in AARs.
Developing environmental lessons learned.
i. Unit Assessment. Leaders use evaluations and other feedback measures to assess soldier, leader,
and unit proficiency. Based on evaluations, commanders adjust priorities and resources as necessary to
synchronize all unit functions.
2-2. Environmental-Specific Training and Resources. All personnel require environmental-
awareness training. It provides basic information on installation and unit environmental practices, leads
to safer performance, and establishes an environmental ethic among soldiers. In addition to participating
in environmental-awareness training, individuals with certain duties and responsibilities require
specialized training. HM and HW training is addressed separately from routine environmental-training
2-3. Platoon Leaders' Responsibilities. The term "platoon leader" refers to the designated platoon
leader, the platoon sergeant, or any individual designated as the leader in the absence of the first two.
Army environmental responsibilities center on building an environmental ethic in soldiers. This is
accomplished by training and counseling and by enforcing responsibility in subordinates. Table 2-1
identifies leader responsibilities within a platoon.


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