Reviewing the plans and SOPs.
Obtaining clearance and land use permits.
Conducting environmental skills training.
Requesting special equipment or support.
c. Short-Range Planning. Short-range planning refines the long-range calendar. It defines in greater
detail the broad guidance on training events and other activities on the long-range planning calendar and
in the command training guidance. During short-range planning, leaders review existing procedures,
issue specific environmental guidance, update the risk assessment matrices and the unit SOPs, and train
their soldiers on new environmental-protection procedures. Activities that require an environmental
focus during this phase include--
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Briefing the commander and his staff.
Conducting a reconnaissance of the training site.
Obtaining maps or overlays indicating environmentally sensitive areas.
Coordinating with the environmental-management office to identify recent changes in
Planning for HM and HW storage and transport.
Reviewing spill prevention measures.
Modifying plans as necessary.
d. Near-Term Planning. Near-term planning defines the specific actions required to execute the
short-range plan. It is the final phase of planning before the execution of training. During this phase, key
leaders inspect equipment and ensure that soldiers perform maintenance and preventive-maintenance
checks and services (PMCS) before the field exercise. The environmental focus is on--
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Briefing unit personnel on environmental constraints and issues.
Conducting rehearsals that include environmental considerations.
Conducting a final reconnaissance of training sites to confirm the environmental-conditions
prior to the execution of training.
Checking the equipment.
Ensuring that the unit SOPs are up-to-date and meet the requirements for the specific training
sites where the training will be performed.
Checking the spill response equipment.
Modifying the plans as necessary.


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