The following publications provide additional information about the material in this subcourse.
You do not need these materials to complete this subcourse.
AR 200-1. Environmental Protection and Enhancement. 21 February 1997.
AR 200-2. Environmental Effects of Army Actions. 23 December 1988.
AR 200-3. National Resources--Land, Forest, and Wildlife Management.
28 February 1995.
AR 200-4. Cultural Resources Management. 1 October 1998.
AR 200-5. Pest Management. 29 October 1999.
FM 22-100. Army Leadership. 31 August 1999.
TC 3-34.489. The Soldier and the Environment. 8 May 2001.
Training Support Package (TSP) 051-E-0002. Comply with Host Nation, Federal, State, and
Local Environmental Laws and Regulations. To be published within six months.
Television Tape (TVT) 5-56P1. Operations Stewardship--The Soldier and the Environment.
20 August 1993.
Army Environmental Policy Institute. US Army Environmental Strategy Into the 21st Century.


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