2-5. Host Nation Law. Many of the countries to which soldiers might deploy also have
different environmental requirements. Army units in foreign countries must follow the
environmental guidelines of the HN. When units deploy to other states or countries, leaders
should inform the units of changes in environmental requirements. Status of Forces Agreements
(SOFAs) that permit or require standards other than those of the host country are considered part
of the environmental pollution abatement standards. These standards apply to the Army in the
host country or its jurisdiction. Apply AR 200-1 and AR 200-2 to fulfill outside continental
United States (OCONUS) environmental-protection requirements. Soldiers must comply with
applicable HN environmental laws and regulations.
2-6. Army Regulations. Army environmental regulations are based on federal laws. The Army
and its personnel will obey all environmental laws that apply to Army installations.
a. AR 200-1 describes the Army's environmental program and assigns responsibilities for
managing the program. This regulation lists the duties and responsibilities for each level of
command from Department of Army (DA) through the unit level. It also requires company or
troop commanders in the Army, Army National Guard (NG), and Army Reserve Component
(RC) to appoint trained environmental compliance officers (ECOs). AR 200-1 addresses the
following major areas:
Research and development.
Water resources.
HM, HW, and solid waste.
Environmental restoration.
Radon reduction.
Environmental training.
b. AR 200-2 describes the NEPA. This regulation sets forth Army policies and
responsibilities for the early integration of environmental considerations into Army planning and
decision-making. The NEPA process described in this regulation applies to installations and
units. This regulation establishes criteria for determining if Army actions are covered under
categorical exclusion or if an environmental assessment (EA) or environmental impact statement
(EIS) is required.


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