Reporting spills to your chain of command.
d. Clean Air Act (CAA). The CAA requires the Army to prevent, control, and/or reduce air
pollution from nontactical vehicles, facilities, and operations. Soldiers comply with the CAA
  Checking with the local environmental office before using gas or smoke.
Meeting state inspection standards for privately owned vehicles (POVs).
Observing local fire and burning restrictions.
Following local dust control guidelines on tank trails and range roads.
Keeping solvent vats closed when not in use.
Using paints and thinners correctly and with the proper equipment (paint application
techniques and paint booths).
Maintaining and operating equipment (engines, boilers, and generators) properly to
reduce air pollution problems.
Ensuring that air-conditioning systems in POVs and government vehicles are
serviced only by individuals who are properly trained and certified.
e. National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA). The NHPA safeguards against the loss of
irreplaceable historical, archaeological, and cultural properties. The NHPA requires Army
installations to identify and safeguard possible archaeological and historical sites, artifacts, and
structures. It also requires the Army to protect and preserve the historical sites located on its
installations. Soldiers comply with the NHPA by--
Leaving historical and prehistorical artifacts and sites undisturbed.
Reporting the discovery of artifacts and sites to the chain of command.
Reporting vandalism, theft, and damage to historical, cultural, and archaeological
Planning and conducting training, operations, and logistical activities to avoid
damaging historical and archaeological sites.
f. Endangered Species Act (ESA). The ESA protects threatened and endangered plants and
animals. Army installations often include natural areas that are the last remaining refuge for
endangered plants and animals. Almost every military training area has some endangered
species. Soldiers comply with the ESA by--
Recognizing signs and markers that indicate protected habitat areas.


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