d. Conservation. Included in the conservation pillar are two different types of resource
management--conservation and preservation. Conservation focuses on responsibly using
resources to ensure long-term, natural resource productivity. Preservation, which focuses on
resource protection, is essential for ensuring the future integrity of valuable national resources.
The Army exercises numerous preservation techniques and programs. These programs are
exercised in concert with programs of the Soil Conservation Service, the Fish and Wildlife
Service (FWS), and other federal and state agencies. All of these programs are devoted to land
use conservation, training area maintenance, and the preservation of natural resources and
historic and cultural sites. Preservation is needed to ensure the future integrity of valuable
national resources and species' habitats. As stewards of the environment, the Army practices
1-5. Summary. The Army is integrating environmental considerations into its approach to
warfighting. This ensures that as the Army fights and wins future conflicts, its approach will
strive to protect and preserve valuable resources (soldiers and materials) and the natural


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