1-3. Strategy. The Army seeks to conduct operations that are environmentally sustainable,
enhance the quality of life, and improve national security. The Army's strategy is to--
Comply with all environmental laws and regulations.
Prevent pollution at the source by reducing, reusing, or recycling materials that cause
Conserve and preserve natural and cultural resources so they will be available for
present and future generations.
Restore contaminated sites as quickly as possible.
Figure 1-1 illustrates the Army's environmental strategy. This strategy is founded on the bedrock
of shared national values that fortify the Army and the nation. The key building blocks--people,
resources, communication, management, and organization--provide the foundation for all Army
activities, including environmental stewardship. These building blocks support the Army's
tradition of leadership. Strong commitment to each part of the foundation is critical to ensure a
solid base for environmental initiatives and long-term success. Army leadership, coupled with
the building blocks, provides a sound footing for the four pillars of compliance, restoration,
prevention, and conservation. These pillars represent the Army's environmental program.
Figure 1-1. Army's Environmental Strategy Model


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