Quantcast Unit Supply Room Procedures ( Storage and Maintenance)

Lesson 4/Learning Event I
Sensitive Item.
Material requiring a high degree of protection and
control because of statutory requirements or regulations, such as medical
items (narcotics, tax-free alcohol, precious metals); high-value, highly
technical, or hazardous items; and small arms, ammunition, explosives and
demolition material.
Sets, Kits, Outfits (SKO).
The  assemblage of  various items  that
comprise  a  set  of  equipment designated  for  a  specific  use, such  as  a
carpenter tool set complete with all saws, hammers, levels, squares, and so
Statement of Charges.  A form used by a responsible supply officer to
charge an enlisted soldier, officer, or Department of the Army civilian
employee for the loss, damage, or destruction of government property.  This
form cannot be used when charges against any one individual exceed one
month's base pay.  Reimbursement by the individual charged is accomplished
by payroll deduction.
10.  Supply Economy.
The careful, thrifty management and use of supplies
and  equipment.
Supply  economy  is  the  basic  reason  for  conserving,
maintaining, repairing, recovering, preserving, safeguarding, and salvaging
supplies.  Each soldier has a responsibility for supply economy.
11.  Surveying Officer.  The officer authorized to make an inquiry and fix
responsibility for damage, loss, or destruction of military property when
such losses are determined to be not due to normal fair wear and tear.
12.  Unserviceability.
A more inclusive term than damage or destruction.
It indicates, in military usage, that the article(s) to which the term is
applied  is/are  no  longer  useful  for  the  intended  purpose.
Damage  or
destruction may or may not be involved.
The term indicates property that
has deteriorated through use, but it may include property no longer usable
for its original purpose, regardless of the reasons for its condition.
One of the first things that must be considered in discussions of supply
room procedures is the supply room itself.
Other things that must be
considered in determining whether or not the supply procedures and security
measures are adequate include safety provisions, security against theft, and
protection against weather damage.
Also considered will be certain items
that require special storage procedures.


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