Quantcast Lesson 3. Self-Assessment Overview

This lesson discusses the US Army's environmental self-assessment program.
You will learn about the Army's environmental self-assessment program.
You will be given the material contained in this lesson.
You will correctly answer the questions on the practice exercise at the end of the
The material contained in this lesson was derived from AR 200-1, Title 40 Code
of Federal Regulation (CFR), FM 3-100.4, and TVT 5-56.
Environmental programs require guidance and support from the chain of command. In developing a
program, leaders incorporate environmental-protection measures into unit SOPs and ensure that
personnel receive the appropriate environmental training. Major Army Commands (MACOMs) conduct
environmental assistance visits to ensure that the installations comply with the appropriate
environmental laws. Leaders coordinate with the installation environmental office and their higher HQ
for assistance visits and compliance audits within the unit area. Platoon leaders or their designated
representatives can also conduct self-assessments to determine how well their platoon is following
environmental-protection measures at the unit level.
3-1. Platoon Leaders' Responsibilities. The completion of a risk management work sheet may
indicate that the platoon has some major environmental problems. In such a case, an overall evaluation
of the status of the platoon's compliance with laws and regulations is needed.
Federal, state, and local regulatory agencies conduct formal compliance audits, and spot
checks on installations and report their findings to the military chain of command.
The Army's Environmental Compliance Assessment System (ECAS) provides installation
3-2. Environmental-Compliance. The Army determines the environmental-compliance status in two
ways: installations conduct internal evaluations, while MACOMs conduct external evaluations. Federal,
state, or local inspections may result in civil and criminal penalties for noncompliance with
environmental laws and regulations. Self-assessments may be conducted using the installation status
report software, or the platoon leaders may choose to use the general checklist found in FM 3-100.4,
Appendix H.


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